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I make a small collection of  products that make great gifts for friends and family or as a treat for yourself. They are all quite light in weight, just perfect for sending abroad and all made in Scotland. They also make perfect wee gifts for teachers, or people you want to thank.


Frumpy Fairies are great fun with wild hair,  little hats, scarves and a bead necklace you cant help but fall in love with them. There are a few different styles, the Tartan and Tweed girls, the Flower Fairies and nearer christmas there is a few Sparkly ones too.
Each wee girl is always unique and has her own name that reflects her style.

Commissions are welcome – For example for weddings and tooth Fairies and you too can choose their names.


To compliment the fairies and I couldnt leave the boys out so I have Cannie Men and a few real Scotsmen. They have little kilts, sporrans and lambswool or cashmere jumpers. They each have their own Scottish name including, Murdo, Hamish and Wild Willie. The Real scotsmen have a few wee extras under their kilts!! again Commissions are welcome.

Each fairy and man is unique and is lovingly made with scrap fabric, yarn, buttons and beads with metal arms and legs. They can sit or be hung up around the house. Tell them your wishes and perhaps they will come true.

(Please note these are decorative and not toys)


Filled with 100% Yorkshire lavender these come in vintage, floral or tartan fabrics. They are finished off with beads and the wording “Love, dream or wishes”. They can be hung around the house on door handles or in wardrobes.


The Lavender purses have a little bit of Yorkshire Lavender within the lining making your handbag smell devine. There are two styles, the simple coin purse and the slightly larger purse which comes with fringing. Both are finished with handcovered metal buttons and beads. The larger one can hold an I pod and has a divider inside. They can also be used to store other girly bits and bobs!


Wee Bowlies perfect for around the office or the house for storing all your little treasures. These are made in locally sourced tartans and tweeds and are finished off with handcovered buttons.


Keyrings come as hearts or rectangle layers of fabric with upcycled leather and strong quality metal wear. They come packaged on a card with an envelope and a wee message about how precious your keys are. The fabrics are all tartan and tweeds



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