Spring is trying to spring into action

Think we all love this time of year when we see new life and colour in our lives, buds and blossom on trees, lambs in the fields, bulbs and shoots poking heads through the earth, and we have even managed to catch a glimpse of the sun between showers and cold winter winds.

Working from home you can feel very isolated at times, even in a lovely workshop and such beautiful countryside it can be difficult to remain focused and motivated. It can also be quite difficult to make sure you get enough exercise. So as you may know already, I do split my day up with a bit of cycling when the weather is fair. Over the winter i have grabbed a few hours during the day while there is daylight however now that spring is here I can now go out in the evenings too. It has made me a little bit fitter, clears my head, helps me deal with lifes little stresses and lets me know that there is a world outside my workshop which is very beautiful here in the Scottish Borders. Great inspiration which I have needed past few months as I have been challenged to develop some new products and handbag designs.

This one as you can see is very cute and remains nameless so that will be one of my challenges over the coming weeks.

There are another two new handbags styles now in my collection and a purse which I hope to get online  very soon .

So although I have had a quiet start to the year it has been very challenging but productive in my workshop. Just wondering now where the next few months will take me.

You can view all my most current products and even buy them from my on line shop http://julia-cunningham.co.uk/



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