January- done and dusted

Its been a cold and dreich January thats for sure, when the sun has failed to break through the cloud and storms have hit us one after another. Being an optomist I still know that the sun is still there and is just building up its strength for our spring and summer. I think we have had a few reminders. However a apart from going into a cold workshop in the mornings it means there has been no excuse not to get on with some work.

So thats what I have been doing slowely and gradually coming up with my new “Funky” Range of bags which is a big acheivement for me as I have wanted to put script on to my bags for some years now and 2016 has seen me accoumplish this. So hopefully they will go down well.

I have managed to sort out most of my website and hope you think it is now more informative , easier to navigate and looking a lot fresher.

I also have lots of new bags in my online shop. If you havent popped over yet you must have a wee look.

So the the long cold dark days have been put to good use. It has of course not all been hard work I have managed just a couple of bike rides which I do use to clear my head and for inspiration and when you work from home it is a great way of keeping fit!!

So now with new challenges ahead of me this month I have to make two new style bags and a purse as well as keeping my accounts and blog up to date. I have also signed up for a 55 mile cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh in September so that is going to mean grabbing all that sunshine that will pop through and putting it to good use.

So lets go full steam ahead into February 2016.



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