Have you ever really thought about your handbag and how it is so important to you, in fact even the men in our lives are finding they cant live without them.  This is usually brought home to us when we missplace them or loose them, you know that feeling when your heart just drops. Your whole life was in there, your house keys, your car keys, your purse with your money and cards to access all your funds in the bank and now our I pads and phones are in there too. They really are full of all our stuff that represent our lives.

Some people spend thousands on a designer handbags others have a different one for every outfit, occassion and time of year and then there are those who more or less make do with a couple until they wear out.There are so many shapes and styles and ways to carry them its incredible.

But they all do the same job carry and protect our valuable “stuff” that we hide in our bags. That bag of sweets, the childerns tissues, a spare pair of tights, makeup, photographs of the childern or a loved one, Books, telephone numbers, bike parts? scissors, plastic shopping bags, receipts, wet wipes, pens, diaries, girly stuff, etc etc.

They carry around our hidden lives, secrets, they are little spaces that are belong to us that we dont often let others into. People  can admire them from the outside and can only guess whats hidden inside.

Whats secrets are you carrying around with you?


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