About Julia Cunningham

Scottish Designer of Handbags, Accessories and Gifts, specializing in locally sourced Tartan, Tweed and Printed Linens.



Working mainly in fabrics locally sourced from textile Mills in and around the Scottish and English Borderlands. Fine Scottish Tweeds and Tartans, and fresh Printed Linens  and cottons. I design and make a range of desirable accessories and gifts from my Studio in the heart of the Scottish Borders. I love to incorporate the natural flaws, rough edges and faults in the fabrics and off-set by unusual buttons and trims. I put different fabrics together in unusual and creative ways adding yarns and leaving seams on the outsides of some of my products to enhance the textures and the colours.

“I am inspired by the amazing fabrics that are produced locally here in the Borders. The textures, colour and quality are outstanding and a delight to work with………….“

I try to create products that are contemporary, quirky and fun and these are often made from very traditional Scottish fabrics, tartan and tweeds. I use simple sewing techniques to produce practical good quality products but which are sculptural and exciting to use and wear.

I purchase cloth in small quantities – this influences and challenges me in how I design my products, and also keeps my products unique and innovative.


I make a range of “Accessories”  that include  Handbags, Scarves, Purses, Corsages and Brooches alongside my gift collection Frumpy Fairies, Cannie Men, I-pad and tablet pockets and key rings  along with Cushions to compliment the range.

My Handbag designs are all named around traditional Scottish words giving them a unique, descriptive and fun element that relates to the style and construction of the handbag – for instance, Skeeries, Fantooshes, Pauchles and Nebbies. They are all made in 2 sizes, “Wee or Muckle” and as a result, my trademark product is aptly named a “Wee Skeerie”.

I have been designing and making my products since 2005 – everything with my label on it has been made and designed by me. I have also been collecting fabric, trims, beads and buttons which I incorporate into my designs. I use a real mixture of fabric mostly up-cycled from local Border tweed mills and fabric designers, but also some new and some vintage, whatever catches my eye. I try to use as much of the fabric as possible so I have very little waste any I do have is passed on to local schools or recyclers.


Why not visit me at my new online shop to view my current range –


4 thoughts on “About Julia Cunningham

    • Hi Carol.
      Good to hear from you of course, I will try to get that done over next couple of weeks. Hope you are doing well your website looks great.Not very efficient on my web page yet Best Wishes Julia

  1. Hi Julia, Following our email conversation a few weeks ago – I wonder if you are able to give your talk to the East Lothian branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild on Sat 18th October or Sat 15 November 2014? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, Jane

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