I have decided to call this post Challenge as I reflect back over 2015 and look ahead to 2016. When I look back  I realise that this time last year. I was probably in the same situation as I am today. Wondering what 2016 will hold for me or throw at me, where it will take me and how will I rise to meet the challenges on the way.

2015 saw me make a decision not to attend the Trade Fair in January that I always do. A big decision as its how I get a lot of my work. However I felt I needed to look again at my business and take some time to reflect. However although this started well, when I looked at rebranding and did some courses. An oppertunity then came my way a very large order to export to Japan, with an invite to attend the British Fair in Hakata and Osaka and demonstrate scarf and bag making. So a huge decision but an opportunity of a lifetime. Of course I had to go. Huge challenges were then faced, completing orders, meeting deadlines organising passports and Money, Clothing and organinsing family, leaving family behind. The list was endless mainly because I havent travelled abroad for 25 years and never on my own. Anyway I must have completed all the challenges including 6 flights because I did find myself in a hotel in Hakata,on a bullit train and in the centre of Osaka. Japan is amazing especially if you come from a small village in the Scottish Borders and find yourself in a huge city. The people are lovely and very welcoming, it was a great honour to be invited and I had the most amazing time. The family also seemed to scrape by without me.

So that was not my only challenge of the year but it was the biggest and what helped me cope with the stresses of each week was more or less giving up alcohol and and heading out on my bike instead. Which really does make you feel good and clears your head.I am missing this desperately at the moment due to the weather, and no I havent turned to alcohol but to knitting in these dark wintery evenings.

So 2016 isnt going to hang around and wait for me to get started. Its here and swiftley moving forward. I know I have challenges to face this year both in my home and business life including how to move my business forward again. So I will hopefully rise to those challenges that are thrown my way and I am sure that I have learned and grown stronger from those Challenges I have already faced. I thank everyone who supports me and helps me pull through.







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