Dont you just love April. I do there are holidays, its my Birthday, its Easter, its Spring, the weather is usually quite good after a long winter and we see new growth in the gardens, lots of colour and baby lambs.
Its been a good time to take a wee step back from my business and refocus. I now have a few new products in store Wee Bowlies and a new much larger bag . More larger Bowlies are in the pipe line as are some notebook covers.
As well as new products I have a friend who is helping me to bring all my branding together so by the end of May I should hopefully have some new labels developed.
There are still challenges and decisions to be made before the end of the month, as I need to make decisions about events I might like to attend in the coming year.
I also did a lovely project this month where I received some fabric from a family whose Mum had died and in return I had the girls over to choose bag styles and choose fabric and buttons from my studio. They had a great time raking and choosing. The bags are now made and hopfully they will enjoy them.



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