Julia Cunningham

IMG_6749     IMG_6746  I do have a real sense of being Scottish this was brought home to me when I lived for a shortwhile over the Border, infact quite a bit over the Border, down in Berkshire which is really beautiful and very pretty. However it never really felt like home. I used to drive back to my dads and as soon as I reached the Hills of the Scottish Borders it would feel much more like home. It was rougher landscape, beautiful but open and not quite as pretty, but it always felt like I belonged here when I reached those hills and the landscape and architecture changed. I do wonder if thats why I love working in all the Scottish tartans and tweeds. Its about belonging and that sense of being grounded in the history and culture, Both the tradional and the modern. I love working with fabrics that are beautiful and reflect the countryside around us, but which have been made for hunderds of years and have sustained generations before me.

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