Glasgow, Here I Come…

So with trepidation, fear and anxiety I headed off to the Glasgow Trade Fair for the first time. Having built my stand I was met by “Thank goodness you’re here, I need a new handbag and I haven’t seen you for two years”. It certainly was a lovely greeting and great start to the weekend, and sorry Karen for not recognising such a good customer.

First evening was spent having a lovely meal with my husband in Glasgow and people watching, must be getting old as I haven’t seen such high heels, short skirts and big hair; oh yes and funny walks.

First day of the fair slept in, not a good start but did get there on time. Was very worried by lunchtime when I hadn’t taken a single order. Afternoon made up for it when I hardly had a break.

Spoke with a lot of people, lots of good feedback and quite a few orders. Lovely meeting Alison from the Button Bothy, Linda from Linda MacDonald Jewellery and the team from Ortak Jewellery great supportive neighbours all of them.

Living in the Borders, working from home I don’t experience city driving much. So driving to my Mum’s in the dark through Glasgow was not great fun, but very proud of myself when I made it. In fact quite a treat – Radio Scotland / Radio 4 and no children squabbling in the back. Staying at your Mum’s and getting spoiled is always a treat.

Monday morning better leave early, beat the traffic. So arrived at 7.40am for a 9.30 start! Maybe just a tad early. Thank goodness others did too and coffee was at hand. Similar day, quiet start, busy afternoon. Two volunteers helping on my stand, Sister-in–Law Rosemary and her friend Nicola. They had great fun, re-arranging my stand, being left in charge, and chatting up other stand holders. I think meeting the Lady Laird of Traquair Catherine Maxwell Stuart definitely made Nicola’s day when she stopped to look when I was off having my lunch. The just couldn’t believe that there were all these beautiful things at trade price and they couldn’t buy them. Very frustrating.

I must also say sorry to Judith Glue. Every time she came to place an order I was at the loo or taking orders. I think she nabbed me on the 4th try. Thank goodness she came back.

Tuesday not such a good start – woke at 5am; rain and dark for the journey in, and took the wrong turn and Kelvingrove here I come. Dont know Glasgow, so stress and panic set in. Lucky for me I didn’t head back to Edinburgh but found the SECC.

Tuesday is notoriously quiet at these events. Traders just chat and barter with each other all day. I made some new contacts regarding fabric, maybe. Oh yes and to finish the show I was sitting in the stand when a young man walked by (French or Italian) and turned and looked, said “Beautiful!” then walked on. Just couldn’t tell if it was the handbags or me or both perhaps. Anyway there were even witnesses. A good way to end the show before the usual frustrating take down getting home around 9pm tired and hungry, a long day. Thanks to Keith for looking after my girls.

I have a dilemma to sort out to sell or not to sell. When two shops are in a city and on quite a long busy street: a business decision or will I go with the gut feeling. So lots of lovely orders and at least one large project – I might keep this under wraps just in case it doesn’t come to fruition, but you can follow the progress on Facebook. So better go and get on with the work and thanks again to everyone who supported me throughout the show.


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