A Busy May

It’s the middle of May already and my next few events are beginning to loom on the horizon. I have set up a cabinet in the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles which is part of a Crossing Borders exhibition – This was fairly straight forward. Next, I am helping my Friend Keith organise St Boswells Village Fair to kick start our Village Week commencing the 4th of June. We have been busy phoning and inviting local crafts people and local food producers to our village Hall to showcase their wares and asking friends to help out on the day. I have been persuading them by saying it will be a spectacular event and everyone I have asked has been really supportive and have agreed to come along. I have tried to invite a really good range of local people who can demonstrate the wealth of talent we have in the Borders.

I now need to persuade the rest of you to come along and support it. I have been very lucky and have some amazing people coming along. I will put a full list at the end of this blog to entice you.

I could now go into my rant about shopping local and supporting local small businesses so that we retain interesting, quirky, and unique products that are made with passion in our local areas. I could then discuss the merits of locally produced foods that are grown in season and how delicious they all taste. My rant could go on about air miles, local jobs, green credentials………

However I believe I am probably already preaching to the converted and that you will all be there checking out a sample of the talent and rich produce we have locally. So shopping lists at the ready. It’s that forward thinking bit I always forget and it’s only when I am home I think, oh I should have got……..So this time I will be going prepared because I know the time and the effort that goes into preparing for, and filling a table for a few hours.

Children can get messy with clay and everyone can have a shot at decorating a cup cake. Children can also sell some of their own work from the young people’s table. My daughter thinks she is about to make her fortune.

To liven up the event we have some live music from Riddell Fiddles, a wonderful teaching and playing band from Selkirk, and refreshment will be available at the Coffee Morning in the church hall.

I now just have to persuade my kids that sandwich boards are a new and very trendy advertising medium. I also need to find volunteers to sell something from some the wearable trays (like the kind that you get in the theatre for selling ice cream – a fabulous find at Scrap Store). So to find out how successful I have been you will need to be at the Fair on the 4th June, 9am-2pm in St Boswells Village Hall.

Village Week in St Boswells is the sort of thing that you read about in Country Living Magazine and you wonder if it can possibly be true, so come along and enjoy the first event of the week in our beautiful little village. Everyone will be made very welcome.

Orlandos – Hats, The Border Tart – Spinner and Textiles, Andy Drain – Artisan Bread, Rob Thomson -Wood, Grace Smith – Printed Textiles, Pooee Pitman – Cake Stands, Linda Keith – Eildon Felt, Janette Jefford – Cakes, Sarah Lawrence – Crochet gifts, Sarah Catarino and Kate Sampier – Gorgeous Knitwear, Beth Kitchen – Textiles, Lara Dawson – Velvet Bags, Firefly – jewellery, Claire Norris – Ceramics, Kittiewake – Crafts, Louise Taylor – Enamel Jewellery, Tweed Valley Organics – Good range of organic local produce, Julia Cunningham – Handbags and gifts, Impact Arts (social enterprise) – Recycled textiles, Childrens Creative concepts – Cupcake decorating, get messy with clay

Something for everyone I hope.


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