Handmade in the Scottish Borders

“I am inspired by the amazing fabrics that are produced locally here in the Borders. The textures, colour and quality is outstanding and a delight to work with………….“

I work mainly in scrap fabrics locally sourced from tweed and textile mills to produce a range of desirable products. I love to incorporate the natural flaws, rough edges and faults in the fabrics and off-set by unusual buttons and trims. I put different fabrics together in unusual and creative ways adding yarns and leaving seams on the outsides of my products to enhance the textures and the colours.

I try to create products that are contemporary, quirky and fun and these are often made from very traditional Scottish fabrics, tartan and tweeds. I use simple sewing techniques to produce practical good quality products but which are sculptural and exciting to use and wear.

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One thought on “Handmade in the Scottish Borders

  1. Hi Julie,
    Thankyou so much for my handbag, it is brillant, far better than I thought it would be

    Christine Farnish

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